BlueGreen Landscape Architecture Aspen    
our philosophy

Bluegreen practices within the intersection of modern design and sustainability. An overview of our landscape and planning work does not reveal a particular style but instead a depth of understanding in how natural and cultural systems work and how they can be created, enhanced and regenerated through design. Equally important is understanding how we interact with and experience those systems in a way that is meaningful. Natural systems include how water might move within a site, how plants form a community that is symbiotic, how wildlife can find habitat and how the amount of solar access will create distinctly different microclimates. Cultural systems include how people move within a landscape, how economic and design trends affect the resiliency of completed works, and how an engaged community can bring a deeper understanding to potential solutions. Bringing clarity to these systems so that they are easily legible in our work informs the deductive or modern nature of our design philosophy.