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Interested in building broad community awareness and support, while effectively managing potential opposition? Looking to strategically engage stakeholders and encourage them to inform a project’s scope and design?

Bluegreen teamed with the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority (RFTA) and HNTB to create and implement a public engagement program that realizes RFTA’s commitment to a community-informed Bus Rapid Transit project.  Operational in September 2013, the service extends from South Glenwood Springs to Aspen, and combines the flexibility and cost savings of buses with the efficiency, speed, reliability and amenities of a rail system.  The service affects a vast cross-section of the community and reaching this wide variety of people, including existing and potential riders, is critical to the service's success.

The approach to reaching this audience includes facilitating a process that communicates information clearly, accurately documents feedback, demonstrates the feedback's result in shaping the project, and, ultimately, cultivates relationships and trust in the process and the Bus Rapid Transit service.  Station design, branding and land use entitlements benefited from this successful outreach approach.

project type: community engagement, landscape architecture, land use entitlements
location: roaring fork valley, colorado
client: roaring fork transportation authority