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Continuing on the success of the Redstone Open Space Management Plan, Bluegreen explores the revitalization of the town of Redstone's existing Elk Park with Pitkin County Open Space and Trails and a dedicated local steering committee. The underutilized park is bordered by the confl uence of Coal Creek and the Crystal River and the historic coke ovens on which the town was founded. Protection and enhancement of these unique community resources, as well as integration of other management plan goals, are achieved in a strong, community-based design. 

Defined by evocative landforms that capture stormwater and create engaging spaces, the park serves as a town green for year-round community activities. Bluegreen leads a consultant team of architect, engineer and graphic designer through the detailed design. When completed, the park will include a depot pavilion, a commemorative tree grove, versatile green spaces, and a path system connecting the programmed spaces with the adjacent riparian and riverine environments.

project type: community engagement, site planning, landscape architecture
location: redstone, colorado
client: pitkin county