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grand canyon lodges

At the Grand Canyon, lodge campuses unfold across a native landscape that honors context, celebrates discovery and reveres respite. Carefully-sited circulation paths provide options for both the efficient dash as well as the meandering stroll, while working to improve universal accessibility for all park visitors. Textural outcroppings and xeric plant assemblages reinforce defined paths and mitigate the creation of social trails. Be it desert-hued aggregate, tinted concrete, natural stone or weathered-steel, locally-sourced and certified materials provide hierarchical cues and definition of space, while maintaining a seamless transition between natural and constructed environments.

Ranger, guest and employee benefit from shared interpretive, interactive and restorative spaces that celebrate the spirit of discovery at diverse scales. One such area caters to education and exploration by offering a place for both NPS interpretive programming as well as a botanical walk featuring native plants that are representative of local microclimates.

project type: landscape architecture
location: grand canyon national park
client: delaware north