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Setting the standard for the architectural and landscape character of the new Snowmass Village Entryway, the Snowmass Recreation Center’s design provides a fun, flexible and dynamic space that strongly engages the larger landscape.  The pool program includes a leisure pool with many interactive toys for children, an exercise pool, a hot tub, a water cave and a slide.  The outdoor setting affords users an unmatched experience of recreation, combined with panoramic mountain views.  In addition, both the site and building take a comprehensive approach to green design.  The project integrates innovative heating and cooling systems that harness the sun through solar panels and regulate the pools’ temperatures. Excess heat from the building is transferred to the lap pool, which acts as a “heat sink” in summer months. Captured storm-water runoff is filtered and directed to planting pockets, while an historic irrigation ditch becomes a renewed and thriving wetland environment.

Bluegreen’s role as team leader includes coordination of work between the architect, civil engineer, general contractor and specialty consultants.  As community facilitator, Bluegreen continually solicits and applies community input throughout the design process.

This project is featured in the March/April 2009 Sources + Design magazine and is the recipient of both the 2007 Colorado Parks and Recreation Association Columbine Award and the 2007 Denver Chapter of the AIA Design Award.

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project type: site planning, landscape architecture, entitlements
location: snowmass village, colorado
client: town of snowmass village