BlueGreen Landscape Architecture Aspen    
lines on castle creek
end of placer
sculptural overlays
spectrum garden
double bar x 3
san marino
trentaz ranch
blackbird house

Bluegreen closely collaborates with the client, architect, and contractor on this residential remodel located outside of Telluride, Colorado. The landscape design is conceptually approached as an inversion of the expectation of material, language, and form. Inertia is frozen in the ribbon of a wall that unites arrival with architecture. Materials are specifically selected to animate a perfect form, while the planting design takes on a strict order. A horse is frozen mid-gallop but is reanimated by its context. The use of juxtaposition through the forms of shadow and reflection transforms compositions. With thoughtful material selection and placement, a stage is set for the interaction of elements through which a landscape is transformed.

Click here to see a walkthrough video provided by Sothebys Realty.

Architecture: E Cummings Architect, Contractor: Fortenberry & Ricks

project type: landscape architecture
location: san miguel county, colorado
client: withheld by request