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lines on castle creek
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spectrum garden
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san marino
trentaz ranch
blackbird house
san marino

The project site located on San Marino Island, one of the famed Venetian Islands in Miami Beach, Florida, was previously occupied by a dated 1950s era residence devoid of any vegetation except for a sole seagrape tree. The new residence occupies a waterfront lot and possesses extraordinary views of the distant Miami Bay and skyline. Bluegreen was presented with a complicated design brief: design a landscape, in collaboration with the client and the architect, that meshes seamlessly with the modern architecture of the residence programmatically and aesthetically; has diverse, intimate spaces for entertaining on a waterfront site that is regulated by strict wetland and waterway protections; accentuates and celebrates the spectacular views; and is completely private from adjacent neighbors. With these challenges in mind, Bluegreen tackled the design, creating a series of outdoor spaces that are seamless extensions of the interior architecture. Native trees, shrubs, and other plants are strategically placed to establish privacy from surrounding neighbors while effectively retaining and framing views. Stormwater drainage and landscape maintenance requirements were carefully considered to avoid the use of fertilizers harmful to the wetlands and to prevent untreated stormwater from reaching the waterways.

project type: landscape architecture
location: miami beach, florida
client: withheld by request