BlueGreen Landscape Architecture Aspen    
lines on castle creek
end of placer
sculptural overlays
spectrum garden
double bar x 3
san marino
trentaz ranch
blackbird house
trentaz ranch

The landscape design is a study of gradients—how individual elements meet, interact, and return to their singularity—how they unify interior rooms with outdoor spaces, choreograph the sequences between spaces, and allow the physical structure of the homestead landscape to dissolve into the rural landscape beyond.

Overlaid on the fluid fabric of the gradients are interventions of two kinds—those that reveal latent elements of the existing contextual order (the subtle), and those that serve as orientation cues guiding the experience of the homestead (the synthetic).

Together, they lend cohesion to the property while privileging a sense of discovery.

The result is a progression of volumes, of experiential rooms, that expand and contract to capture magnificent places for an inspired life to unfold. From expansive settings for gathering and entertaining, to intimate hollows for private conversations, the landscape experience evolves at multiple scales.

project type: landscape architecture
location: pitkin county, colorado
client: witheld by request