BlueGreen Landscape Architecture Aspen    
lines on castle creek
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sculptural overlays
spectrum garden
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san marino
trentaz ranch
blackbird house
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Bluegreen creates a landscape on Aspen’s Red Mountain that takes advantage of two distinct plant communities found on the property—aspen woodland and dry sage brushland.  The collaborative effort between CCY Architects, the rest of the design and construction team, and client transformed this steeply graded site with commanding views of Aspen Mountain into a residence where harmony exists between structure and site.

The two plant communities inform the planting design, which embraces the residence and weaves between building forms to create a continuous landscape that is appreciated from indoors and out. A simple and restrained palette of planting layers play against architectural site walls of limestone and concrete, creating frames for outdoor spaces and retaining steep grade.  The entry sequence from rustic drive begins through an enhanced aspen grove.  The first site wall signifies the path into the auto court, which is the most formally organized space in the landscape.  Other outdoor rooms are carefully sited, such as the pool terrace and fire lounge, so that the spaces are rooted in the native landscape and easily reached, but not placed in view of formal entertaining on The Room and dining terrace.  A shaded and quiet garden immediately adjacent to the kitchen, connects to a system of trails that leads to places of discovery.

project type: landscape architecture
location: aspen, colorado
client: withheld by request