BlueGreen Landscape Architecture Aspen    
tiers crafted
lines on castle creek
end of placer
sculptural overlays
five trees retreat
double bar x 3
san marino
trentaz ranch
zen captured

This extraordinary project results from a visionary design process led by the client and a detailed study of materials, combined with quality craftsmanship.  Voids create spaces and unique areas of interest.  Granite paving establishes the floor of an outdoor room, while vertical walls provide contrast and enclosure.  Formal stone walls reinforce patterns within the architecture and then fade to remnant pieces as the landscape transitions from ordered to wild.  The remnant walls allow for surprise, discovery and exploration, as well as informal seating throughout the site.

Innovative design solutions, such as a steel-grated boardwalk, allow light to reach plant masses below and eliminate the struggle of snow removal.  At the spa, simple stainless steel rods of various heights become landscape art and double as a place to hang one’s robe.  Angular stone slabs create the basin of a recirculating stream that visually connects the site from entry to bluff.  A captured landscape beyond punctuates this special place.

This project is published in Luxe, Aspen Home and is featured in the Jan/Feb 2009 issue of Garden Design.  It is also the recipient of the 2008 Colorado Chapter of the ASLA Honor Award.  Architecure: Poss Architecture

project type: landscape architecture, entitlements
location: aspen, colorado
client: withheld by request